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"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood...who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly." Theodore Roosevelt 1910

Monday, March 1, 2021

Real Florida 5k10k in Wekiwa Springs State Park

 This Saturday (2/27/2021) was the 34th Annual Real Florida 5k10k Run/Walk.  Last year's race took place just before the COVID shutdown so I was happy to see this race was not cancelled/virtualed.  As we had 350+ people sign up (reached capacity), many others felt the same way.  Recovering from my broken collarbone in September 2020, I began running again in late November but suffered a leg pain problem stopping that.  After trying self therapy for piriformis, I went back to Laura Podschun at Advent Health and she diagnosed it as a hamstring problem.  Seven weeks of daily therapy paid off and I was running again but cautiously.

Race morning, I got there early to set up my Hammer table to distribute free samples of various products.  A half an hour before the race I began my warm-up exercises and a quick walk to the 10k start line about 500 yards away.  The temperature was reaching 75' as the sun had been up since 7:00 and the start was 8:30.  I met friends Dustin Radney (2020 10k OA winner) and Ashley Samples (2020 5k OA winner) at the start as they were both doing the 10k this year.  As the gun sounded, I held back as I wanted to start slow rather than my usual jackrabbit start to get ahead of everyone.  In the first mile, I took it easy but found that many ahead of me were going slower than me.  The single track made it a bit difficult to get around people but I began slipping by.  At mile 2, I was amazed to see people walking and suffering as I believe many people underestimated the difficulty of trail running and the heat.  I kept my pace up but was passed by another older man (also 65-69) who pulled ahead of me about 100 yards.  I was able to follow him and not let  him get far ahead.   After mile 5, I realized that I was closing on him and at about 400 yards from the finish, I passed him and he didn't respond.  I finished at 1:09:55 and he was 30 seconds back.  I placed in second out of five with a time about 10 minutes slower than my previous finishes.  The winner's time was 55:40 so he was flying.  

At the front of the race,  Ashley won her first 10k overall with 42:45 followed 58 seconds later by a 22 year old guy with Dustin in third with 45:57.  It's great to back racing again!

Free Hammer samples!

Waiting for the start

2nd place out of 5 in 65-69

Ashley and Dustin

Friday, September 18, 2020

A small obstacle.

 Four days after my last triathlon (9/9), I went out for an early morning training ride and in the process of seeking a safer course, I found a slicker one and went down hard, breaking my left collarbone.  I was only 2 miles from home so Sandy came and took me to the Advent Health Altamonte ER.  That culminated in surgery with Dr. Cody Hillen to pin the bones back together six days later on September 15th.  The next scheduled race for me is The Great Floridian Triathlon (1/3 distance) on October 24; we'll see how I am by then.  Just a small obstacle in the process we call life.

Waiting for Sandy
Unfinished ride

Day after surgery

New helmet to replace the damaged one; saved my head!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

# 173 Crystal River Sprint Triathlon

Saturday was the Crystal River Triathlon, my 173rd and third tri of the year. Two hour drive to get there but it was worth it. Big crowd but the race director had a lot of safety protocols in place; I could get used to 4 bikes per rack. An offshore thunderstorm proved entertainment during the dawn on the salt marshes. Longtime rival James Mayer showed up and put in his usual performance for a solid win. My swim was good but my bike ride over the flat, straight, 15 mile course was fast with an average speed of 18.8 mph. Three mile run was all sun and very hot and found me chasing down a guy I spotted at the turnaround. When I finally caught him with a mile to go, I discovered he was in the lower age group, 60-64. My overall finish time was 1:27:03 for a 4th place out of 7. Great to see JP Russo there doing bike repair after recovering from his accident. When I got home, Sandy Finucan made me a delicious pizza!

4 bike transition

Jack and James Mayer

Moon and thunderstorm

Sunrise over the marshes

Magic sky

JP Russo is back.

Moulton ready

Great photo!
Enjoying the bike ride

James Mayer hammering!

Very hot run!

Great finish

It was a great race!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

# 172 Clermont Triathlon in July

Triathlon #172 is in the books! This was the second Clermont Sprint under distancing conditions.  Water temp was 80'f, bike temp was 81' and run temp was 95' in the sun! I finished in third behind James Mayer and Doc Brown again (though I was catching Doc on the run! Next race!) 
Longtime friends Jeff Cuddeback, Gabrielle Suver, and Bill Black won their categories and my newlywed friends Andreas Moraitis and Kerry Librada Girona finished 2nd and 3rd Overall! Fast couple! Met the Westrip family, all three children were racing.  Everyone was happy to be out racing again.  Sommer Sports did a great job keeping us safe.
Finish line at dawn

Dawn over transition.

James Mayer

With Bill Black

Jeff Cuddeback, coach extraordinaire

Mom & Westrip family

Line up for swim start

Swim finish

First big climb

Waterfront park

Kerry and Andreas

Gabrielle Suver

3rd place!

Finish line view

Westrip winners!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

# 171 Clermont Sprint Triathlon in June

Triathlon # 171 for me today, put on by Fred Sommer out in Clermont. Distancing, face masks, self-body marking, 3 bikes per rack, time-trial swim start but it's great to be back. No awards ceremony and bagged food at finish; we just lined up 6' apart and collected our goodies. I had a good swim, great bike and passed a competitor on the run to garner 3rd place: 1:19:46 was my time. 

Race organization was exceptional and the TT swim start was run by an iPad that flashed GREEN every few seconds so it involved a long start line instead of a group wave. Longtime competitors James Mayer and Randall Brown were ahead of me for first and second. Lot of old friends out there too. Hot and humid but it's Florida in June!
Big rack, small bike!


3 per rack

Jack and James Mayer

Huge transition for 200+

Quick photo by Tamara Congdon

Kenyon, Kerry, Andreas, and Enrique

Jeff Cuddeback and Jennifer

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Real Florida 5k10k in Wekiwa Springs State Park

Cold morning for the Real Florida 5k10k trail run this morning. 51’f at the start and I purposely underdressed. Felt strong throughout the run, even on the rugged uphills. 

Finished first in Senior Masters division (+60) with a 59:32 time with 9:35 mile splits for the 6.3 miles; 22 out of 76 in the 10k. Very happy with the results considering it’s only been 2 weeks since my Ultrarun. Record turnout with 364 runners under sunny skies. 

Friends Dustin Radney (1st Male OA 10k), Ashley Jeanne Samples (2nd OA/1st Female 5k), and Jim Payne (1st Male 60-64) all had fast races.

Sträva tracking showed I climbed 221' and burned 1,037 calories.  Didn't get many photos as I so busy.

Race Venue

Dustin Radney and Ashley Jean Samples 1st place finishers

With Jim Payne, WESH2 Anchor