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Sunday, May 22, 2016

# 137 Tomoka Triathlon in Ormond Beach

Today was the 5th Annual Tomoka Triathlon.  Last year's was the feature race for Seminole County Triathletes Couch to Sprint tri program and this year was well attended, even though the 2016 goal race is the first Clermont Sprint.  I debuted my new Moulton SST there as Diane worked on it the last 2 weeks getting it ready.  I rode it for the first time Saturday morning in preparation for the Sunday event.

I arrived there at 5:25 AM to discover that many people had already arrived.  Packet pickup opened early and I got the bike racked in a good spot.  The swim was a bit confused as I lost one buoy in the sunrise but settled down and had a good swim.  The bike ride had a false start when police stopped traffic but Timing fixed it later so no harm was done.  The big bridge climb at the start and finish is always fun as well as the 6 miles (out of 16) on the private road west of the Halifax River.  The run wound through the town east of the river and I grew faster as I got closer to the finish.  Final time was 1:27:41, good for 3rd place out of 7 in the 60-64 age group.  James Mayer won, with Matt Mahoney 2nd like last year.  The Moulton performed perfectly, averaging 19.2 mph over the course, even with the wind.
Racked and ready

Transition under the bridge

Feeling ready!
Heading out.

Off on the run!

Awards minus James Mayer.

New Moulton SST worked great!