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Sunday, May 20, 2012

#113 Baldwin Park Sprint Triathlon

Today was the 8th Annual Baldwin Park Triathlon.  Held in Baldwin Park, the former U.S. Navy base near downtown Orlando, I've done this race every year since it's beginning.  This morning was clear and 70', perfect for an short urban race.  Besides the close-by location, it's known for the hydrilla (weeds)  in your face during the swim and the five lap bike course, reduced to four for 2012.  One change that was welcomed on the bike was allowing the first wave elites to almost complete their bike laps, eliminating the high speed passes that occured earlier years.  Somehow, I ended up with race number #59, which is my current age.

I saw a number of familar faces there including David and Yvette Sanborn, owners of David's World Cycle.
After my week's vacation with lots of intense training, I felt primed for this race.  I had a great swim followed by a quick transition to the bike.

  I averaged 21 mph for the bike leg and had another fast transition to the run.  I felt great coming off the bike so I pushed hard for the entire run.  I was amazed to see my mile splits were 6:56 per mile for the short 2.8 mile run.  My final time of 1:07:28 was good enough for a first place in 55-59.  I have now won this race 4 times and finished 2nd twice; I'll do this race again next year (when I turn 60).
I did meet Donna and George, some new residents to Orlando, transplanted from San Diego, the birthplace of triathlon.  Here's a photo of them with Kurt, who moved back to Orlando from California.

David Sanborn won the Corporate Challenge and I grabbed a photo of him with Z and Kim Buttar, the race directors.

While I was doing this race, Lance Armstrong won the Florida Half Ironman in Haines City, just southwest of Disney World!  His bike split for the 56 miles was 2:02 and half-marathon time was 1:15!  Very fast!

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