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Saturday, August 18, 2012

# 117 Moss Park Olympic Triathlon

Saturday's Olympic-distance tri at Orlando's Moss Park produced a few surprises for me.  After last Sunday's Daytona Beach Tri, I felt I was primed for this race 6 days later.  However, that afternoon I knocked off the big toenail on my left foot with a door.  It was a bad black toenail and didn't hurt much and after a visit to Dr. Mason on Monday, he said it would be healed enough to race on Saturday.  Even so, I approached the race with a bit of trepidation.  The race itself was uneventful though I did have a bit of a dice on the bike for several miles with Dave Smith.  I worked hard and opened up a 1:30 minute lead by the end of the bike leg.  I think the swim was a bit long as everyone's times were increased from previous events here.  I finished at 2:32:59, giving me 2nd out of 5 in the age group to "Super" Joe Trettel, who beat me by 12:33.  He beat me in June's race by 14 minutes so I'm getting closer! Joe was 28th overall and I was 38th so I never feel bad losing to someone that fast.   During the awards, the skies opened and it poured.  Oddly enough, my toe didn't bother me at all during the race.

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  1. Hi Jack,
    I saw your comment on Shut Up + Run and had to check out a fellow Hammer user! Their playbook is right on, I use it regularly for running and my husband for cycling. Do I recognize your face from Endurance News?

    Congrats on #117!