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Saturday, May 18, 2013

# 121 Orlando Triathlon at Baldwin Park

Today was my 9th time competing in the Orlando Triathlon at Baldwin Park.  The location is a new urban center located on the old Orlando Navy base, just east of downtown.  Located around the town center, this venue is unusual for 2 things: the weedy lake swim and the 4 lap bicycle course.  Over the years, the schedule has been modified to let the Elites start 20 minutes ahead of everyone else.  This cuts down on passing issues on the crowded. multi-lap bike ride.  I met 2 ladies,  Kim Fitzgerald & Leslie Adams, in transition before the race as Leslie had a flat tire and I helped her with it.

I had a great swim (19:54) but was surprised when Bob Weller, who I've met before, passed me on the long swim exit to transition area run.  Bob then exited transition 20 seconds ahead of me.  I caught him on the bike inside the first mile and pushed hard, averaging 20.5 for the 12 miles.  I finished my 4th lap over 3 minutes ahead of him and added a bit more through a fast transition.  While his run time was a little faster than me, I finished 1:23 ahead of him with a final time of 1:15:16 for 1st place.  After two 2nds in my first two races, I was ready for my first win of 2013, which was also my first for the 60-64 age group.  Mike Johnson finished 3rd and we all posed for a picture at the awards
Bob Weller 2nd, Jack 1st, Mike Johnson 3rd

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