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Saturday, August 10, 2013

# 123 Clermont Sprint Triathlon

Thursday, August 8th, was the 20th Anniversary of my first triathlon, way back in Chicago.  This Saturday was the 3rd in the new expanded Clermont Sprint Tri Series.  Kevin Casey, a co-worker I've been guiding through the world of triathlon, made this his 2nd race ever, as well as his first hilly event.  I surprised him by showing up too.  His wife, Linda, and their 3 children came out to.  Longtime competitor and friend Ken Junkins was there too, albeit at 59, he was 1 year and 1 age group behind me.

All dressed up and ready to go!

Kevin Casey and Jack

The weather was warm and clear at the start, with quite a big field (347!) participating.
Kevin was in the 3rd wave and I was in the 5th.  Lake Minneola was flat and warm and we both exited the water together.  I lost sight of him after that and began the hilly bicycle portion.  The hills did not disapoint as I crawled up some and hit 38mph on the biggest going down.  The run leg through town has some nice hills too and I kept feeling better and the last mile felt like I was flying.  I never saw anyone else in my age group so I was surprised to find that I placed 1st out of 7, my 21st win, with a time of 1:19:11.
I wore my Central Florida Tri Club kit so I posed for pictures with the other members who placed,  Kelly, Karen, and Luis.

Jack, Kelly, Karen, and Luis

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