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Saturday, June 18, 2016

# 139 Moss Park Olympic Distance Triathlon

I headed out to Moss Park this morning to do my first Olympic distance tri in over a year.  I was quite excited and having raced this course many times over the years, I was anxious to compare those races to my current level of fitness.  Set up was quick and I ran into several friends like Bill Floyd and (unfortunately) Will Hathaway.  The swim went off as the sun rose over Lake Mary Jane and after two laps I exited the water at 31:13.  The long run to transition adds a bit of time but I headed out on the Moulton for the flat and fast 22.6 mile course.  The two laps took me 1:11:10 for an average speed of 19.2 mph.  Heading out on the run brought out a bit of heat as it was now 88'f.  The run twists through the park and the campgrounds so you do get a bit of shade but as I flirted with 8 minute miles, I managed to finish at 47:11 for a total time of 2:34:52.  This time and the splits were in the middle of my performances there so I was pleased.  I finished in second behind Will Hathaway as his swim and bike splits were faster than mine.  I was 5 minutes fast than him on the run but couldn't beat his lead. My friend and running legend Heather Schulz won the Women's Duathlon overall; there is no stopping her.

You can see the lake through the trees.

Heather always has a smile.

Small field.

Good for second place!

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