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Sunday, September 11, 2016

# 143 Clermont Sprint Triathlon in September

Saturday was the fourth and last Clermont Sprint Triathlon of the year.  I was looking forward to a strong finish for the year as I missed the third race due to Sandy's knee replacement.  Many of my friends from Seminole County Triathletes were there along with my usual competition.  Weather was perfect at 73' at the start and Lake Minneola had cooled down from Hurricane Hermione's heavy rains the previous weekend.  I racked my bike right next to a big Hammer Nutrition sign too.

As the sun poked over the horizon, I had a great start to the swim and felt strong throughout.  Exiting the water in 9:43, I hopped on my bike to began the circle around the lake followed by the hills back to town.  I rode conservatively, saving my energy for the big climbs in the last 4 miles. After the climbs, I rocketed down the big hill, hitting a maximum speed of 39.3 mph.  I rolled into transition, completing the course with an average of 18.5 mph.  My run began strong and I felt great all the time heading to the turnaround at 1.5 miles. Ken Junkins, the eventual winner, waved at me heading back as I was going out. Coming up to the waterstop at 2 miles, I caught and passed a man in my age group, 60-64.  I figured he would start chasing me as soon as he saw my age on my calf, so I picked up the pace.  Glancing back occasionally for the next 3/4 mile I saw no one.  With about 400 meters to go, I saw the guy running hard, trying to catch me.  I began running harder but saw he was still closing.  I really poured it on and turned into the finishing chute,beating him to the finish line!  I then looked at his calf and saw his age: 51!  It was the wrong guy!   I ran the 5k in 25:26 for a 8:12 mile split; my overall time was 1:14:22, good for 6th place out of 13.  Ken had finished in first in 60-64 over 10 minutes ahead of me too!  I don't think I'll ever catch him.  My friend Kerry Libroda Girona finished Women's Overall in second behind her coach, 10 time Ironman winner, Nina Kraft.  This is Kerry's first year of triathlons!

Hammer time!
Ready and waiting
Wave 2 swim finish; Wave 5 in background
Nina Kraft heading to a win
Ken Junkins out ahead
My chase begins
Seminole County Triathletes
Kerry and Nina after the race

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