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Saturday, July 13, 2019

# 165 Clermont Sprint Triathlon in July

Triathlon # 165 today; great results but not what I was expecting. Moulton SST performed great after the new shifter was added by Diane on Friday. 
Average speed over the very hilly course was 17.4 mph. I was in 7th off the bike but passed 2 guys on the run. Finished 5th out of 13 with surprises as 2 more fast old guys showed up. James Mayer, who won here in June, ended up 4th today; first and second were 3 seconds apart and were 48th and 49th overall out of 308 triathletes! 
Friends Kerry Librada Girona won Female OA and Heather Schulz won Masters Female in her first triathlon in 25 years! Lots of Seminole County Triathletes here today too; hats off to Alma Ortiz for setting up the club tent today. Got to meet Clermont Police Chief Chuck Broadway during the bike leg too. This is a tough race!
Moulton SST all ready

Big field, over 300!

Out of the water

Finishing the run!

James Mayer

Police Chief Chuck Broadway

Dave and Carrie

Heather Schulz and Kerry Librada Girona

Carrie and Joe Rodriguez

Alma Ortiz and friends 

Kenyon with Heather and her daughter Amber

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