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Friday, January 29, 2010

Swim Training

Swimming has always been my weakest link in the triathlon. While I swim a lot during the spring/summer/fall, my training has always fallen off during the winter. I always plan to do some more swimming during the winter but each year in April I realized that I missed it again. The upper body weight training has helped but nothing replaces swimming.

So last Tuesday, I did a 30 minute swim workout as a guest at the new LA Fitness club near my home. It's a 25 meter pool with 4 wide lanes so 8 swimmers can use the pool simultaneously. Plus it's temperature is 82-85' so it's pleasant to workout in. My wife, Sandy, joined too because they have aqua aerobics classes there which she always enjoyed.

My goal is 3 swim workouts per week with the desired result by exiting the water sooner, I won't be passing as many people on the bike leg, a least in the start of the season. My other goal is to have a swim PR at St. Anthony's Triathon on April 25 in St. Petersburg. This will be my 10th time doing the race and my last was 2005; in 2009 the water was so rough, the swim was cancelled. It'll be fun to return and see it now that it has 4,000 competitors.

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