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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Triathlon Nutrition

Last evening I was at Track Shack (the greatest running store in the world) buying a pair of shoes and was drawn into a conversation about Sports Nutrition. I have learned a lot over the years about what to eat/drink before/during triathlons and running races and wanted to pass it along to all my new friends.

In 1995 & 1996, I was helping some coach friends run a triathlon training camp in Clermont, FL and learned a lot while sitting in. This knowledge culminated in my exclusive use of Hammer Nutrition products for the last 14 years. Hammer's basic premise is that less is more; taking in less food and water will actually produce better performance. Go to their website, www.hammernutrition.com, and download their guide to sports nutrition. It's a 134 page book they sell but you can download it for free. Reading this guide can help you avoid the mistakes I learned by trial and error (and stomach upset). You can also sign up for their monthly newletter they will (snail) mail to you loaded with tips and stories.

Hammer makes a very complete line of products with NO simple sugars/fructose in anything. I have hypoglycemia which makes me especially suceptable to bad nutrition and added sugars. Hammer's line covers pre-race, race, & recovery. They make Hammer gel in many flavors which is a complex carb only product. I regularly use Sustained Energy (unflavored) and Perpeteum (caffe latte flavor) both of which are carb/soy protein blends (soy is the only protein which assimilates during exercise). They also make Heed, a carb only drink mix. After each race or hard training I use Recoverite, a whey protein isolate/carb drink and have found this allows me to recover quickly with less soreness. I also use Hammer Whey protein powder during training but must confess to not really liking the taste. My wife and I like Designer Whey Protein Powder which you can get at Publix (Florida); mixing the vanilla flavor with orange juice tastes like a Dreamsicle!Years back the only way to get Hammer products was mail order but now in Orlando, Track Shack, David's World Cycle, and Orange Cycle sell some of them, with Orange Cycle having the most variety. I do not work for Hammer and my only connection with them is my friend, Jeff Cuddeback, gets discounts on the products he gets and I wear his team's bike jerseys. Jeff is the coach who recommended them to me back in 1995.


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