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Sunday, May 21, 2017

# 147 Tomoka Triathlon

Today's Tomoka Tri in Ormond Beach was a pure delight!  Big turnout for my club, Seminole County Triathletes.
In my third time at this event, I felt great throughout all three disciplines.  Even the swim was fun in spite of the strong current in the Halifax River.  I got off course twice when the current pushed me sideways.  I took off on the bike leg and wisely took it easy going over the big bridge at the start.  With almost no wind, I was blasting along at 20+ mph for a long time.  I averaged 19.9 mph for many miles and even the climb back over the bridge only dropped me to 19.6 in total.  I was passed once during the bike however, dropping me to 6th place.  My run was great, with 8:16 mile splits and I caught 5th place and then 4th place before the finish.  My final placing of 4th out of 9 was buoyed by the fact that 7 of my competitors all turned 60 this year, joining the 60-64 age group.  The 9th place guy was 61 and I'll be 64 in a week, moving up to 65-69 next year.  Final time was 1:27:21.
Little Moulton gets lost in the crowd

Friends in the club

Swim course on Halifax River

Exiting the swim
Heading out
On the move

31 mph off the bridge then a hard right
Slowing for transition
Starting run

Big finish!
Great time!

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